The Scar is a sign of beauty, really.

It’s been one year and 3 months today. The focus is now on survival. My “TEAM” of doctors watch my health carefully with blood panel work ups and face to face meetings. What one doctor doesn’t measure, the next one does. The appointments seem to be every month.  They share information and keep one another posted as I travel from office to office surrendering my blood and taking off my top to examine The Scar.

I think The Scar would horrify anyone but the person it lives with. One of my sisters who is a surgical nurse encouraged me to google mastectomy images so I could prepare myself before surgery. I think it brought on a hot flash when I first saw what it looked like. Go ahead and google it for yourself and you will see what I mean.. whew. Today, when I look in the mirror I see something very normal looking. I see a close call. I see abounding love. I see my unborn grandchildren. I see God’s Almighty hand reaching down to touch my life and increase my days. I see cleavage where there is none!

Each doc educates me on how to watch  for cancer’s possible return, in The Scar. They are adorable the way they try to describe it and the way they try to alert me without alarming me. They also encourage me to eat right, get rest, drink water… that’s lots of water and exercise. KNOW your body! Listen to what it says, more importantly respond to it.

Keep your stress low! Now that’s funny. This is a flat-out crash course on letting go.
My TEAM, what amazing doctors and compassionate care givers they are. Me and my Scar.. we’re going to be just fine living together. Thank you God!


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