Hi! My name is Sheri Page and this is my blog. I hope it blesses you as I expore
life with God by my side. There is much about this human experience that I don’t
understand which has led me to ask many questions. I would love to share those
moments with YOU. Especially the moments of revelation! The story of this life
has already been penned. So hang on to your hat as I travel forward as a wife,
mom, grandmother, sister, auntie and friend. Our family is large and there are
an abundance of opportunites to be shaped by relationships with my loved ones! I
grew up in a blended family of 8 and now my husband and I have our own blended
family with 6 grown kids. We have 4 wonderful grandchildren- so far. So come
with me as I stumble my way through this life looking to my Lord as my compass.
My life is His to use~ With much love Sheri


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