There is a way that seems right to a man

Proverbs 12:25 NKJ
There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

I love to watch people especially when I’m at the mall. You’ll find the rapport going on between people. The next time you see two people interacting or (not) interacting take a minute to notice their body language. It says so much more than the words that you can’t hear.

The other day I wasn’t even near the mall, I was in a room full of people when a duo in heavy conversation was noticeable. One was listening and the other was convincing. I mean CONVINCING! If the one who was listening was smart I suppose they made a decision to agree with what the other one was saying.

The image of these two faded in the background as I recalled  Proverbs 12:25. “There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” Looking back at the duo again, I imagined myself in the place of the one who was  convincing  and realized how pride blinds my eyes when I think that I’m right about something.

Now, death doesn’t always mean literal although it could. It means that the CONVINCING one will soon be dining on  humble pie and their resounding opinion will die.

Be careful, know that what seems right could be wrong.. and if it is, it leads to death! Choose life, seek understanding before you seek to be understood.


The Fruit of Obedience is Joy

I turned 50 this week. Although this is a significant birthday week for me, my friend  who turned 50 a few months ago abruptly passed away a few days ago.  He was so young and probably the happiest man I know. We are going to celebrate his life and remember him on Saturday. I suppose someone will say a few words that will stick in my mind to help me remember what an amazing life he had. There is already a memory fixated in my heart of a barefooted man running around the office in a pair of faded jeans and t-shirt giving fist pumps. He was a trumpet player with a heart to serve God with his financial talent and sense.

raising the cross
If you don’t already know who Chuck is; let me tell you that he was the (CFO) of our church and had a GREAT heart for people. He is so unique in every way. Chuck owned the honor and responsibility for building a new church building which took three years to complete. Afterwards, he was supposed to take a three-month sabbatical to rest.
As Chuck prepared for his sabbatical he was approached by many who congratulated him and thanked hChuck Hiattim for his service to God to build such a building. He had time to take a couple’s retreat with his wife and experienced one of the most gracious times they’d ever had. He was in Israel to hear his mother deliver an honored speech. Chuck was filled with joy. I suspect that it was because he answered God’s calling on his life at every intersection of his 50 years.
For the last three years he spent his time building a stage so God could be glorified, worshipped and praised. He reluctantly accepted the accolades of his work knowing that it had one purpose which was not for him.
I will always remember my last conversation with Chuck.  I was asking for Chuck to approve the design of the baptism changing room in our new church. In previous conversations  he was very detailed and sent me back to the drawing board to do better. On that last day before his sabbatical he just let go. He closed the folder, handed it back to me and differed the decisions to another Pastor, with confidence he said, “I’m sure whatever is decided will be fine.” With a smile he said,  ‘It will be okay”.

Chuck left for Israel a few days later and while visiting the Western Wailing Wall  in Israel, he died of cardiac arrest brought on by a respiratory condition. The Lord must have been happy to receive this humble man into heaven. I turned 50 this week and am inspired to make a decision to serve Jesus at every intersection in my life just as Chuck did with his. I pray that God will help me as he loves obedience more than my sacrifice.
Rest in peace my dear friend Chuck Hiatt and thank you for inspiring me to live a more purposed life for the rest of my days. Shalom

Why Write?

Hurry and grab a pencil and piece of paper! It’s 4:30am and I can hear a muse of words dancing in my head. I have an appointment with the Lord to write. Words are flowing fast, like a river gurgling and I MUST jump in to ride the current so I can breathe in the misty waters with Joy. I suppose if I were a singer I would be able to hear musical notes dancing around in my head, convincing me to open my mouth and sing. When you are a writer these notes make their way out through your fingers and you can hear the same dancing rhythmic symphony. I laugh with fulfilled joy as I have finally realized that my longing to sing and sing well is illusive, but that my heart sings with wings when I’m writing. Image

God has said much over the last six months and his beautiful waves of guidance remained in my heart. There was nothing earth shattering that wasn’t shared with you even so,  I’m sorry that even a morsel was wasted. He never stopped tapping on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, prompting me, urging me to get up at 4:30am for our appointment to write! This stirring usually comes when I’m reaching for the cold side of the pillow and the words just start rolling out, leaking out of my ears and mind…Then I must get up and turn on the recorder to capture every last drop.  It’s much like deciding to get up and write down an amazing dream.  I wonder if people who have beautiful voices can hear angels signing at 4am.

The calling couldn’t be clearer. I am to write what He says, period. He says abide. Be bold! Do it to glorify your Lord. He says that a Christian has ears to hear and is an over comer. Good morning!

My Dear Friend… about your relationship.

My Dear Friend,

About your relationship… we’ve been friends long enough now for me to remind you that when God shows you His perfect man for you, then you will both know it. I smile when I say that because we have had this conversation before. 🙂 My heart broke when I heard your news. You can be confident that you have my prayers on this matter. As I pondered this through-out the day I kept coming back to the same thing which is; I hate that life is so hard! It is so hard that sometimes the people in our lives get thrashed right along with whatever we are going through.

I just kept thinking how hard things are in general for you lately with everything you’ve been dealing with. That would surely put a strain on any relationship. That’s no secret, right? Crisis is stressful on relationships. How do you get through it? How do you get on the other side and keep your relationship in tact? If you’re ready I’ll give you a few tips on what has worked for me in the past.

First of all, a man is not equipped to handle our emotions. I know, but it’s true. He is not your girlfriend! They are hardwired to fix things. When they cannot fix your problem and comfort you then they feel like they failed and can’t make you happy. Stupid, right? It’s true. You don’t have to hide or shelter them from what you are feeling, but keeping the “process” of it all to a minimum is helpful. You know how we hate it when they objectify us? That’s how much they hate to deal with our emotions!

I think there is nothing that attracts a man more then to know we are in love in Jesus. There is a mystery behind the way we give our hearts to God. They know that when we approach the Throne Room, they are only observers. It’s intriguing for them to watch the way God makes our hearts soft. That’s what they want! They want us to have a soft heart for them. How precious is that?

With all of that said, here is the confusing part. How much can we really rely on our men and more importantly how much is too much? How much is too little? Our guys want to comfort us and fix the things that hurt us, but they can’t cope with all those God given emotions that we have. It’s kind of a practical joke in a way! Let him know what a great job he is doing in supporting your efforts and encourage him (in your time of need). Find a girlfriend to process all of those hairy details that he just can’t bear. Ask God to help you grow and mature because Jesus is the only one who can truly FIX the problem.

Because I know that your relationship with Jesus is unmovable and you love Him with all your heart and soul. I know for sure that no matter the outcome, it will be the right outcome. Much Love,


It’s a Do Over!

I  originally started to write on another blog  a couple of years ago,  because I felt ” called”. Then, lo and behold within a month I found out that I had breast cancer. pink-ribbon

I continued to write-through the entire cancer process, from finding out about the cancer at a screening to a bilateral mastectomy and recovery from chemotherapy…  I  received an amazing amount of encouragement  from friends and strangers who asked me to continue writing. I was finally convinced to keep going when I stumbled on a back screen on my old  blog one day and found that thousands of people from all over the world had taken the cancer journey with me, through my writing!

SheSpeaksGradButton250Eventually, I found myself at a writer’s conference called She Speaks in North Carolina. I soon realized that writing has a lot more to do with “marketability” then any of us realized! There is a need to have a “Platform” before a publishing company will consider someone as a serious author. You can write and it can be great. However, you need to help sell books and magazine articles or publishers will find a different writer who can. Making a move to WordPress  gives credence to a writer. I’m not sure why or how just yet, but it does. So, here I am! New and improved blog? New and improved message? New and improved messy life? New and improved… fill in the blank here__________.

So, on this blog I most likely will not have exciting news about cancer. Let’s hope I don’t have any news at all about that topic. I will blog about my imperfection, transformation and try my hardest to share Jesus with you from the events in my everyday life. To start with, I will  share one very important conclusion about cancer with you and then we can be done with it. I am glad for the gift of cancer. I am GLAD! I thank God often for allowing me the opportunity to really consider what is important in life. How many days do I really have and how can I best use them… what purpose can I make out of them?

Upon this consideration, many things had to change. I had to change the way I responded to offense. I had to change what I pursued and why I pursued it. I changed my mind about the things I thought I needed to control and how I deal with disappointment. I changed the way I eat and take care of myself.  I giggle when thinking  about how different everything is from my new short dark hair to the inner crevices of my heart and I am so grateful! I stood at the door of mortality and was forced to knock on it to see if it would open. It stayed closed. Whew!

It’s a Do Over! A Second Chance and I say that with a smile! Come with me and explore life!