Gone crazy, be back soon!

My crazy is showing again! Top ten reasons why you are not yourself:

#10 You say, “huh” a lot when people are talking to you.

#9 You find yourself thinking about what you are thinking about. AKA over thinking.

#8 Concerned with ME, ME and ME.

#7 You misunderstand a party invitation which is immediately followed by being misunderstood.

#6 Your husband says a week later, “Are we still talking about this?”

#5 You want to crawl in a hole because you know your Crazy is loose and could devour someone.

#4 You don’t really know what’s going on so you assume the very WORST.

#3 Your loved ones want to help, so they tell you everything you’ve done wrong.

#2 You want to be in your right mind, but instead you’ve actually left your mind.

And the number one reason you know you’re not yourself.

#1 You ask yourself and others, have I gone crazy?

This folks is what it looks like when your crazy is showing. This is war! It’s a spiritual war which has been requested and approved. If I belong to God, nothing can touch me unless it is filtered through His hand. It’s meant to reveal your crazy spot so you can grow. The bigger the war and chaos, the more we have potential for growth. After a non-stop crazy week of miscommunication, insult, correction and accusation I finally had some clarity.

These symptoms of craziness held the keys to a deeper truth when held up to the Light. When we stop trying to figure it out by way of reasoning or justification and stand circumspectly before God, we can get answers. This is the Lord’s Dwelling Place where truth and honesty is revealed and where no fear of harm and condemnation can be found. In this Dwelling Place we can come boldly to our King and ask for examination. I know that His Grace is mighty! I brought my Crazy to His throne room. He took it and gave me peace in its place.

In the still quiet voice of my heart, I heard Him say:
Forgive unmet expectations; remove the idols from your life that put people and things above My Holy name. Don’t bend in your integrity because it will cause you to have a skewed vision and misinterpret situations. Come under your husband’s covering and don’t walk outside of it, EVER.

The simple point here is that we must Abide in Christ. John 15:1-11 has the word (abide) 10 times. That’s 10 times in 11 verses! When you’ve plunged into crazy, tuck, pray and Abide in His love. Remember His promise to restore you and protect you in ALL circumstances. This was just a test!


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