Why Write?

Hurry and grab a pencil and piece of paper! It’s 4:30am and I can hear a muse of words dancing in my head. I have an appointment with the Lord to write. Words are flowing fast, like a river gurgling and I MUST jump in to ride the current so I can breathe in the misty waters with Joy. I suppose if I were a singer I would be able to hear musical notes dancing around in my head, convincing me to open my mouth and sing. When you are a writer these notes make their way out through your fingers and you can hear the same dancing rhythmic symphony. I laugh with fulfilled joy as I have finally realized that my longing to sing and sing well is illusive, but that my heart sings with wings when I’m writing. Image

God has said much over the last six months and his beautiful waves of guidance remained in my heart. There was nothing earth shattering that wasn’t shared with you even so,  I’m sorry that even a morsel was wasted. He never stopped tapping on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, prompting me, urging me to get up at 4:30am for our appointment to write! This stirring usually comes when I’m reaching for the cold side of the pillow and the words just start rolling out, leaking out of my ears and mind…Then I must get up and turn on the recorder to capture every last drop.  It’s much like deciding to get up and write down an amazing dream.  I wonder if people who have beautiful voices can hear angels signing at 4am.

The calling couldn’t be clearer. I am to write what He says, period. He says abide. Be bold! Do it to glorify your Lord. He says that a Christian has ears to hear and is an over comer. Good morning!


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